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Learn how to handle different issues by using our great garage door tips

Garage door safety tips

In order to ensure safety and security in your garage area, you need to regularly inspect your garage. Do it every month. Check the pulleys, cables, springs and rollers. Do not try to remove, adjust or repair them yourself because they are under high tension. Seek assistance from our trained garage door technicians who can make accurate adjustments to these parts.

Importance of properly closing garage doors

Never leave your garage door partially open because it may pose a serious risk to you. It can travel downward and come in contact with an object in its path and may hit someone who passes it. Closing your door properly is also ensuring your home’s security. It prevents burglars to easily gain access to your residence.

Resolve problems of incomplete closing or opening

Whenever the garage door fails to lift or lower completely, the safety sensors may cause this. If the sensors are working properly, the next thing that you need to check are the limit switches. The switch is found at the back of the opener unit. You can adjust this to see if it can resolve the problem. If the issue persists, contact our experts in Paramus.

Learn how to avoid injuries

The safest method to avoid injuries is to take precautions, refrain from standing close to the moving door, engage in repairs on time, maintain the system frequently, make sure the sensors operate properly, repair the springs on time, and teach children about the potential dangers.

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