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No matter what the problem is with your driveway gates and openers at home, having them repaired is as easy as calling one of our technician today.

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Electric gates are a superb addition to any household looking to further bolster their home security, while enjoying the convenience that these appliances have to offer. Yet, like most things in life, the time may come when your driveway gate, its motor or intercom system shows signs of struggling or is doomed to fail. When this happens, you’ll need to have your gate repaired by an experienced technician as soon as possible so that you can better protect your home and family.Repair Gate Motor

Having troubles with your gate?

Damages to your gate can come in a variety of forms, some of them are fairly easy to observe and identify, while some may be latent, taking its toll on your gate over time. Weathering, wear and tear and accidents are but a few of these causes for troubleshooting your driveway gate.

Rust is often one of the biggest killers when it comes to gates, especially those that are made of metallic materials. Homeowners who live in damp climates know how easily rust can infect and spread over their appliances, especially when they have not been adequately treated to prevent such damage. Unfortunately, rust can quickly weaken the structural integrity of your gate, leading to a need for hinge welding and frame repair before your gate’s components completely fail as a result.

Galvanic corrosion which is caused by components being in contact with other electrified metals can too, quickly ravage your gate, its hinges, handles wheels, and even the driveway gate opener in no time. So if you spot any signs of corrosion or rust on your gate or opener, it’s best to seek assistance in the matter as soon as you can.

If your gate at home has been damaged for any reason, get it up and running again in no time with the assistance of a technician from “Garage Door Repair Paramus”. Give us a call today and ask us for advice, information or a quotation on our services.

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