Garage Door Maintenance

These procedures will make sure everything in your door works smoothly.

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Garage door service does not end with installation. Oftentimes, you do not notice your door until it stops working. You should not wait for worse things to happen. Regular tune up and garage door maintenance helps you avoid annoying emergencies. These procedures will make sure everything in your door works smoothly.

Trust a Professional

Garage Door MaintenanceMaintenance is the key to keeping the entire system running properly. You or the rest of the family members can work hand in hand to maintain a sound working garage door. You can take turns in inspecting the moving parts of the door on a regular basis. However, if everyone is busy and you feel like it is not your thing to do these inspections, you can ask our “Garage Door Repair Paramus” technicians to perform the maintenance. This lets you benefit from professional quality of work to make sure no steps are missed and everything is well examined.

Maintenance Services

Our maintenance involves a complete checklist of actions to make sure all the important parts are thoroughly inspected and serviced. It falls into different categories. These include visual inspection wherein all the parts are visually examined for obvious damages. It may also include a balance test. The garage door has to be balanced and there is a proper way to test this. Other tests include photo eye test and reverse mechanism test. Force settings test is also done. These are all necessary for your safety. After evaluation, our qualified technician recommends necessary repair for damaged parts. Lubrication could also be part of the maintenance service.

Regardless if you are using Stanley, Martin or Clopay garage doors, our company can perform quality tune up and maintenance. We understand how your garage keeps you and your precious car safe and secure. This is why we make an effort to keep the door up and running smoothly. Extend the life of your door by scheduling regular maintenance. This will rid you of annoying and costly emergency garage door repairs. This is also a way to take care of the parts and the door itself. Call us today for pricing and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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