Case Story - The Stormy Night and the Faulty Garage Door Opener

Case Story - The Stormy Night and the Faulty Garage Door Opener

The openers play a significant role in acting on commands received to open or close the garage door.

It was a pretty rough night and a storm was brewing when it dawned upon me that the garage door just wasn’t opening even though I had pressed the button on the remote multiple times. Leaving the car outside would have been a dangerous idea in any case (I hear stories about cars getting jacked from our area everyday) and the idea of having to let it stay outside the garage in our area in the middle of a storm was simply out of the question.

I tried everything, from changing the batteries of the remote to smashing it on the seat of my car multiple times but nothing really worked. The door just stood there as immobile as it ever was. I was now starting to shiver from the cold but was not ready to give up on my car just yet. I took my phone and started searching for garage door repair services in town as my last resort. After calling and failing to get a response from a couple of services, I got lucky the third time. The service at Garage Door Repair Paramus picked up on the first ring and had me calmed in a minute or two with their assurance that a team would reach my house within half an hour.

The weather started to worsen and I started believing that this is the night when my car would either get wrecked due to the storm or jacked by the thieves prowling the area. However, just when I started having these thoughts, the technicians arrived (it took them around half an hour to reach my house in extremely tough weather conditions) and started working to get the issue resolved.


Garage door openers are the heart of garage doors in the sense that when the opener malfunctions, the door comes to a standstill. A wide variety of issues can plague the opener though the electronic equipment like the one in remote controls is the main culprit mostly. Once on a stormy night, we got a call from a customer whose garage door just wasn’t moving regardless of how many times he pressed the key from his remote. It was obvious to us that the garage door itself was fine and it was the opener which was at fault. There was no real way to pin-point the problem with the opener though without taking a look at the problem ourselves. So, we just asked the customer about his opener (we were told it was a Chamberlain opener) and set out with the relevant supplies.

Once we stepped outside, we knew that we would have to be quick about it with the rain picking up all the time

We reached the customer’s house quickly and started to inspect the issue. We inspected the remote at first when we heard that the customer had got outside his car and then operated the remote. With rain pouring down, there was every chance that water had caused the remote to malfunction. A simple inspection showed that water had found its way inside the remote and disrupted the circuit. There was no way to repair the remote so we dug through our supplies and found a matching remote replacement. It took us only seven to eight minutes to resolve the problem and the customer thanked us for our quick service in such adverse weather conditions.

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