Does Garage Door Size Matter?

Does Garage Door Size Matter?

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In super-sized societies, one would think that the bigger the garage door, the better! Well, it's always a matter of needs. What do you need a huge door for if you only own a motorcycle? The truth is that garage doors have gotten bigger lately but so is the number of our cars! The good thing is that people have choices today. They can go for two or three different doors in a single garage or have an over-sized door. The sizes manufacturers offer today range from 8 up to 20 feet wide and 7 or 8 feet in height. The question is: what should we get? Is there a good reason why roll up and sectional doors have grown in size lately?

Should or shouldn't we get large doors?

Does Garage Door Size Matter?The truth is that having multiple overhead doors in your garage will be even more convenient if you have multiple cars, too. It will also depend on the structure of the garage. If it's narrow in depth, having two instead of one door is best. After all, if one doesn't open, you will still have a way out. Though, will the average size doors fit your needs? That is, will they fit your car? Many people decide to get average size doors and when they change their car a few years later, they discover that they break their side mirror five times a month. Don't forget that we change cars more often than we replace the existing garage door. When you make plans for a new door, don't consider solely your current needs but also the possibility of having a large vehicle tomorrow.

Big doors are convenient because they allow you to go in and out with ease. Though, don't forget that they will be much heavier. They will need a much more powerful garage door opener and springs, which will possibly be more expensive. In some cases, large doors are an inconvenience but it will also depend on their type. For instance, up and over doors will require a lot of space in the yard and you will have to keep in mind to your children and pets when these huge doors will be in motion. So, it's also a matter of priorities! It's a matter of safety, too. Large doors cannot be avoided at times but if you don't really need them, stick with regular (human) sizes.

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